It is clear from the slow growth of our economy, the tax and spend policies put forth by President Obama have failed. From the healthcare law to unachievable EPA standards, the onslaught of job-killing regulations coming out of the Obama Administration are hurting the small businesses of Staten Island and Brooklyn and keeping them from growing and creating jobs.

In New York City, our businesses are hit even harder from outrageous tolls and local regulations that have made permit requirements, inspections and fines spiral so far out of control that it’s impossible for our businesses to survive. Taxing and over-regulating our local businesses is not an impetus for job creation, and I remain committed to doing all I can to reduce this burden on a federal level

Millions of Americans are still out of work, and I believe we must do better to get our economy on track. In Congress, I have continuously voted for pro-jobs bills that cut red tape and create an environment for job and businesses growth.  By getting big government out of the way, this law will increase access to capital to businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as reduce the uncertainty coming out of Washington.

I have also taken a strong stand for New York’s labor force. From our law enforcement agents to our teachers to our labor unions and others, I have a strong record supporting fair and competitive wages as well as work agreements that protect our workforce.

Finally, as a member of the House Financial Services Committee, I understand that the financial services industry is a key employer of my constituents, both directly and indirectly. That is why I continue to support policies that allow the private sector to thrive and contribute to our local economy, as well as support provisions that overturn the over-reaching policies of Dodd-Frank that are crushing our financial industry and slowing economic growth.